Recalls – of which there are three types – are actions taken by a firm to remove a product from the market. Recalls may be conducted on a firm's own initiative, by FDA request, or by FDA order under statutory authority.
11/10/2015Old Oregon Smokehouse  Canned Albacore Tuna  Potential to be contaminated with Clostridium botulinumOld Oregon Smokehouse
11/09/2015Whole Foods Markets Wild mushroom soup  Undeclared chestnutsBrett Anthony Foods
11/09/2015Natureal  Natureal light green and dark green capsules  Undeclared SibutramineInaffit, LLC
11/09/2015My Spice Sage  Ground Flax Seed Meal  SalmonellaZenobia Company LLC
DateBrand NameProduct DescriptionReason/ ProblemCompany

Blue Kitty Yums  Cat Treats  May contain propylene glycolBlue Buffalo Company, Ltd.
11/06/2015Whole Foods  Tofu Curry Cous Cous  Undeclared peanut, egg, and sulfiteBrett Anthony Foods
11/06/2015Melissa's, Wegman's  Italian Pine Nuts  SalmonellaWorld Variety Produce, Inc.
11/05/2015Peru Food  Corn Maiz  Undeclared sulfitesPeru Food Imports, Inc.
11/04/2015Kozy Shack Indulgent Recipe  Pudding  Undeclared eggKozy Shack Enterprises LLC
11/04/2015Tate's Bake Shop  Cookies  Undeclared walnutsTate's Bake Shop
10/30/2015Auvi-Q  Epinephrine injection, USP (0.15 mg and 0.3 mg)  Potential Inaccurate Dosage DeliverySanofi US
10/30/2015Nature's Promise  Organic Edamame in pod and shelled  Undeclared soyThe Stop & Shop Supermarket Company, LLC
10/30/2015Nature's Promise  Organic Edamame in pod and shelled  Undeclared soyGiant Food, LLC
10/30/2015Nature's Promise  Organic Edamame in pod and shelled  Undeclared soyGIANT Food Stores, LLC and MARTI
10/30/2015Farmer Creek Albacore Tuna  Clostridium botulinumFarmer Creek
10/29/2015RHINO 7  RHINO 7 3000 Platinum Capsules  Unapproved new drugNational Video Supply
10/29/2015Skippy  SKIPPY Reduced Fat Creamy Peanut Butter Spread  Potential for metal shavingsHormel Foods Sales LLC
10/29/2015Harveys, Winn-Dixie  Cookies  Undeclared walnutsSoutheastern Grocers
10/28/2015Helados La Tapatia, Inc.  Milk based ice cream products  Undeclared allergensHelados La Tapatia, Inc.
10/28/2015Rhino 7  Dietary Supplement  Undeclared Active Pharmaceutical IngredientsPremiere Sales Group
10/28/2015Sockeye Suzy's Fish  Canned catfish, salmon, and more  Clostridium botulinumSockeye Suzy's Fish Co.
10/28/2015MPS  Myocardial Protection System (MPS) Delivery Sets  Exhibit a seal failure during useQuest Medical, Inc.
10/27/2015OleBob's Seafood Market  Canned Salmon and Tuna Products  Clostridium botulinumOleBob's Seafoods
10/27/2015CS Fishery  Wild Albacore tuna  Clostridium botulinumCSFPDX LLCThe list above provides information gathered from press releases and other public notices about certain recalls of FDA-regulated products.
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