Inexpensive Ways to Get Rid of Deep Wrinkles Around the Mouth

You don't have to pay for expensive professional treatments to reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles around your mouth. You can make a few lifestyle changes or try natural (DIY) or over-the-counter remedies to get rid of deep skin wrinkles. The treatments may take a bit of effort, but you'll save money and avoid time-consuming and possibly painful visits to the dermatologist.

Lifestyle Changes states that smoking can create deep wrinkles around your mouth and speed up your skin's natural aging process. Stop smoking to prevent deep wrinkles from forming or getting worse. Sun exposure can also lead to wrinkles around your mouth. 

If you go out in the sun, apply sunblock to your face to prevent the sun's ultraviolet rays from worsening your wrinkles or creating new wrinkles around your mouth.

Home Remedies

Purchase grape seed extract at any health food store and use the extract topically to treat your deep facial wrinkles. Grape seed extract has natural antioxidant properties and can help restore elasticity to your wrinkled skin. Massage the grape seed extract into your deep wrinkles daily to keep your skin looking young.

Topical Treatments

Choose an over-the-counter anti-wrinkle cream to treat the deep wrinkles around your mouth. Over-the-counter creams can be more affordable than prescription medications or professional treatments.

Common ingredients in anti-wrinkle creams

The effectiveness of anti-wrinkle creams depends in part on the active ingredient or ingredients. Here are some common ingredients that may result in slight to modest improvement in the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Retinol. Retinol is a vitamin A compound, the first antioxidant to be widely used in nonprescription wrinkle creams. Antioxidants are substances that neutralize free radicals — unstable oxygen molecules that break down skin cells and cause wrinkles.
  • Vitamin C. Another potent antioxidant, vitamin C may help protect skin from sun damage. Before and between uses, wrinkle creams containing vitamin C must be stored in a way that protects them from air and sunlight.
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  • Hydroxy acids. Alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids and poly hydroxy acids are exfoliants — substances that remove the upper layer of old, dead skin and stimulate the growth of smooth, evenly pigmented new skin. 
  • Coenzyme Q10. This ingredient may help reduce fine wrinkles around the eyes and protect the skin from sun damage.
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  • Tea extracts. Green, black and oolong tea contain compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Green tea extracts are the ones most commonly found in wrinkle creams.
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  • Grape seed extract. In addition to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, grape seed extract also promotes wound healing.
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Always read the labels for any harmful ingredients. states that some wrinkle creams can reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. Inexpensive wrinkle creams can be just as helpful in reducing wrinkles as more expensive creams. Or you can make your own wrinkle cream/oil by purchasing some of the ingredients above.


One of the most affordable ways to get rid of deep wrinkles around your mouth is to perform face-tightening exercises. The Genius Beauty website recommends standing in front of the mirror and performing facial exercises for 15 minutes every day to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Start by stretching your mouth as wide as you can, as if saying "cheese." Hold the position for two seconds, then pucker your lips together tightly so that your lips almost touch your nose. Hold this pose for two seconds, then stretch your mouth back into the "cheese" position. 

After two seconds, stretch your lips forward and down, as if saying the word "go." Hold for two seconds, then relax. Repeat the entire routine 20 times.

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